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iBandi Citizen Science – online workshop

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We aim to better protect endangered southern brown bandicoots by discovering more habitat. These curious creatures use impenetrable blackberry thickets if there's no suitable native vegetation. We're looking for habitat they could use - with your help.

During this free online workshop you’ll be able to join our iBandi citizen science team. You’ll be trained in basic field safety, iBandi iNaturalist platform, fundamentals for data collection, and the opportunity to engage with other passionate citizen scientists. You’ll also gain insight into the importance of bandicoots within ecosystems and discover how you can help to protect them.

Bandicoots play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They are ecosystem engineers with transformative capabilities to regenerate healthy habitats. The southern brown bandicoot is the last remaining bandicoot species within South Australia. Currently the species has a limited range, which makes the species vulnerable to natural disasters such as bushfires. Locating suitable future habitats for our bandicoots is therefore even more critical than ever as our climate changes.

Our iBandi project aims to educate citizen scientists so that they are confident and competent in identifying potentially suitable habitats for future potential bandicoot translocations. Together we're training citizen scientists, sending them out with support to collect their own iBandi data, and then investigating these records. Scientists can then discover new bandicoot habitat, giving them the information needed to rescue, rehabilitate and release individuals, and track the future viability of our bandicoot populations.