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How to be a Star Citizen in Space

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People are rocketing out into the unknown, talking about colonising Mars, populating the Low Earth Orbit with shiny satellites, and relying more than ever before on data beamed up and back down. Ideas that were once thought purely science fiction are no longer considered unrealistic dreams.

This new frontier sparks ethical questions about what our rights and obligations are as spacefarers, and who is responsible if things go wrong? The truth may be out there, but we have to start talking about the search for it, down here. We owe it to ourselves and generations to come to create a safe, inclusive and ethical future in space.

Our panel will reflect on the ethical considerations space raises, such as the impact human activity has on ourselves and our celestial neighbours, planetary defence and archaeological preservation.

The panel, facilitated by journalist and author Tory Shepherd, includes:

  • Professor Alan Duffy
    Project Lead of SpaceTech Applications, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Associate Professor Alice Gorman
    Heritage Consultant and Lecturer, Flinders University
  • Dr Evie Kendal
    Space Ethics Specialist and Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology