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Hopetoun of the Future

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  • - (AWST)
  • Hopetoun Primary School
    4 Buckie Street, Hopetoun WA 6348, Australia

The students will be embarking on a journey to design and create their Hopetoun of the future. The event will require the students to collaborate, share, innovate, inquire, imagine and construct in a joint effort to bring the future into the present.

The activities the students will be undertaking include:

  • constructing the town and its new infrastructure out of Lego;
  • using a range of codable robots to model the transport of the future; and
  • using green screens to create a news broadcast presenting the town.

The activities will be run during science lessons and recess and lunch with every year group from kindy to year six taking part.

Hopetoun Primary School's goal for this event is to be inclusive and inspire innovation in today's students for the future, we acknowledge the future is in their hands and we want them to share their vision for it.