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Hologram Printing Competition with 3D Printing

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  • University of Western Australia, EZONE North
    25 Fairway, Crawley WA 6009, Australia

The hologram printing competition is an exciting and engaging event that combines creativity and technology to create personalised holograms.

Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to use desktop hologram printing kits and 3D printers to design and print their own unique holograms. But this competition is not just about having fun - it's also an excellent chance to learn about scientific concepts in a memorable and interesting way.

With the guidance of our photonics experts, participants will explore the fundamental properties of light, including wave-particle duality, diffraction, and interference - all crucial to creating holograms. Additionally, participants will gain an understanding of how engineering and technology contribute to producing high-quality holograms.

The competition is a fantastic platform to showcase the latest advancements in laser technology, 3D printing, and optics and may inspire the public to pursue further STEM-related activities or education.

Come and join us in this exciting event and create your very own hologram.

Interested in making your own 3D print? You’ll need to BYO computer and pre-install Ultimaker Cura (for Windows, Mac or Linux) & run Tinkercad (online 3D software, no download required).

Register online for a morning or afternoon session.

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