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Herding Caterpillars

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A Zoom webinar on the LYCAENIDAE Family of butterflies, facilitated by the Butterfly Conservation SA (BCSA) and the ‘Friends of the Chequered Copper (Lucia limbaria) Butterfly’.

BCSA will prepare and deliver a Webinar and an ArcGIS Story Map about the amazing relationship between ants and butterflies of the Lycaenid Family, focusing on the Chequered Copper (Lucia limbaria) in Pakapakanthi/Victoria Park/Park 16 in Adelaide.

Entomological experts and enthusiasts from across Australia will deliver short talks about the amazing world of butterflies and their survival in our environment.

The webinar will inform the listeners of the long-established relationship between Lycaenid larvae, which have a specialized secretory gland that attracts, appeases and rewards ants.

Speakers will give presentations on the Family Lycaenidae focusing on the species occurring in SA and they will discuss the Lycaenid larvae-ant associations and the three broad categories:

  1. larvae not attended by ants;
  2. frequently attended by ants (myrmecophilous); and
  3. where larvae are predacious by ants (aphytophagous).

The event will detail the relationship of the Chequered Copper (Lucia limbaria) and its obligate ants, in which the larvae are frequently attended by ants (myrmecophilous).