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Great Prediction Competition

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Make accurate predictions about weather, the economy and the environment during National Science Week.

Can you predict:

  • the daily maximum temperature (in °C) in Melbourne on Monday 14 August?
  • the mean air quality in Melbourne (in PM2.5 µg/m³) averaged over 24 hours of Tuesday 15 August?
  • the water storage levels (as a %) in Melbourne's reservoirs on Wednesday 16 August?
  • the price, in Australian dollars, of one tonne of milling wheat in Port Adelaide on Thursday 17 August?
  • the value of the ASX200 index (in Australian dollars) at closing time on Friday 18 August?
  • the population of Australia at 1:00pm on Saturday 19 August?
  • the sunspot number on Sunday 20 August?

Certificates are awarded for the winners.


Only one entry is permitted per person. Predictions will not be accepted after 9:00am AEST on 1 August. This competition is open to anyone. Correct answers will be determined using the links provided on this page at the dates and times shown. The winner will be determined as whoever has the smallest sum of percentage errors for each of the seven predictions. The judges' decision is final.