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Good Glass: The science of photography and visual perception | Webinar

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There is a saying in photography that a photograph is only as good as the glass on the front of the camera - with many professional photographers investing thousands of dollars in high quality lenses.

But of course, that is only a part of what the process is for making images. To really understand photography, we also must understand how our brain sees the world and how photography uses many of those same tricks.

Join Dr Stuart Marlin from the University of Newcastle for this webinar where the science of the mind and photography come together. Explore how our brain captures scenes in real time, enhances details, adjusts colour and contrast, and even joins together a set of images to build a wide representation of the space around you. Each of these steps will be illustrated with examples from photography.

About Stuart

Dr Stuart Marlin is an award-winning landscape, portrait, architecture, long exposure and travel photographer who is becoming known for his giant sky astrophotography.

With over thirty years studying visual perception and neuroscience, his approach to photography often has an experimental scientific methodology.

He sets a goal for his artistic vision and then through repeated experiments he works out the best methods for achieving those outcomes.