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Glowy the Glowing Ladybug Pet Rock

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  • Nakara Preschool
    Buchannan Drive, Nakara NT 0810, Australia

Glowy the Glowing Ladybug will involve preschool kids getting a mini glowy ladybug pet rock and there will also be a book reading of ‘What an Angel’ by Susie Linn. 

The concepts of light, why things look like they do and how we use light in our lives will be explored in a sit-down discussion session. After that, we’ll put the ladybug under the physics lab black light then turn the lights off, then turn everything off.

The normal paint will show up differently to the fluorescent paint which will show up differently to the glow rock. Then we can have another discussion about why the paints look different and how the students think glow-in-the-dark works. At the end of the day the kids get to take home their glowy the pet ladybug and it will glow for 10 hours at their bedside. 

We acknowledge National Science Week NT, Inspired NT and Inspiring Australia as the sponsors of this event.