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Glowing Green – How green is nuclear energy?

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This may come as a shock - nuclear reactors glow blue, not green. Thanks Homer for this misconception, d'oh!

But nuclear power is green in other ways. Nuclear power is the world’s second largest source of low emissions electricity generation. And just like pretty much every other form of technology, the types of reactors under construction today and planned for the future have come a long way since those designed more than 50 years ago.

Join nuclear energy enthusiast Dr Jo Lackenby (President, Women in Nuclear Australia) on a journey of discovery. How exactly does the world generate its energy and electricity, and what are the resulting carbon emissions? How does nuclear energy fit into the climate change picture? And how is today’s nuclear technology different from that of the past?

Don’t miss hearing Dr Jo and a panel of knowledgeable nuclear energy individuals as we talk nuclear energy and climate change, and answer all your ‘critical’ questions (physics pun intended).

Open to all ages and backgrounds - everyone is welcome.

This webinar is hosted by Women in Nuclear (WiN) Australia Inc. You can register here and if you have any questions, please email.

This webinar is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.