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Glass - More than Meets the Eye: An Aboriginal Perspective

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  • CAPS Coolgardie MFC
    85-93 Lindsay Street, Coolgardie WA 6429, Australia

Christian Aboriginal Parent-Direct School (CAPS) Coolgardie will look at the history of glass and how it has influenced advancements in technology and some of its industrial applications today. We will explore how it may be utilized in future technologies. The project will be a whole school approach where the other departments will prepare their own presentations in relation to the school theme Glass: More than meets the eye.

For instance, the art department will make displays that utilize glass and put them up in a gallery bringing in that link to STEAM. Students will make experiments and models of how glass can be used to solve some of the world's problems today in an eco-friendly manner. They will also work on projects that apply glass in their areas of interest. Students will also explore alternative improvements to some of the inventions that use glass as one of their features.