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Gilmore Primary School Science Week

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  • Gilmore Primary School
    Heagney Cresent, Gilmoe ACT 2905, Australia

Gilmore Primary School will be holding a Gilmore Grand Prix for our National Science Week event.

Students will design, build, test and evaluate a car powered by wind and made from recyclable materials. Class competitions will be held to see which car can travel the most distance using only a fan as a source of wind. Winners from class competitions will race in a grand prix where the local community will be invited to come and show their support.

All cars built during Science Week will be showcased at the event for parents and carers to engage with. In addition to this, additional activities related to the Innovation: Powering Future Industries theme will be displayed for students to share.

A local scientist has also been booked during Science Week to perform demonstrations with the students with a focus on audience participation to engage students and support participation in the Gilmore Grand Prix by invoking an interest in STEM.