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Getting to Know Your Friendly Neighbourhood Microbiologist

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JAMSpod is a microbiology-themed series of podcasts (check out #JAMSpod @jamsorgau) named Getting to Know Your Friendly Neighbourhood Microbiologist for National Science Week. This podcast is run conjointly between Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, Department of Primary Industries and The Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS) Organisation (Check it out here:

JAMS is a microbiology society started in 2011 as a hub for microbiological discussion in an informal, social and inclusive setting. Our mission is to spread microbiology knowledge far and wide. JAMSpod will explore questions like: who are the researchers behind the microscope that society is placing their trust in understanding the new coronavirus and other widespread diseases? Where are the places to search for drugs and what are the challenges of vaccine and drug discovery and development? How are they trying to improve our lives, from health to environment, with their research?

For this, we will interview national leaders in microbiology about their research but also establishing a career and issues they’ve faced. We will discuss with scientists in different microbiology fields how have they been impacted by COVID19 – whether its helped or hindered their careers in infection and microbiology. Are we crying wolf, or will this place a larger spotlight on the importance of microbiology? Where do you see this COVID situation in 1 years’ time? Can you take us through a day in your life in the lab?

Guest questions from the public will also be included, which can be submitted via our online JAMS twitter feed (submit your questions here: