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Generation Ag National Science Week Season Special Podcast

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Listen up! What is the outlook for WA's food future? How will we produce food in a warming climate, how will water scarcity impact us, and how might our diet change?

As a part of our featured events, the Western Australian Coordinating Committee is proud to present our National Science Week Season Special within the award-winning Generation Ag podcast.

This millennial-focussed podcast series explores content relating to the agricultural, food production, water, and climate change spheres, as well as the personal stories of people working within these areas. Episodes air on a fortnightly basis until the end of August.

Topics include:

  • Episode One: Alternative food sources and extracting extra nutrients from food waste
  • Episode Two: Waste not want not! New options for our food waste
  • Episode Three: Sustainable fishing for future aquaculture; sub-quality food fueling entrepreneurship
  • Episode Four: Water - Urban/Industrial processing
  • Episode Five: Water - Catchment to end product - Rain, Tree, Bacteria