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Future of Agriculture

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  • St. Angela of the Cross Warragul
    181 Mills Road, Warragul VIC 3820, Australia

Students from Foundation to Year 6 will be planting seeds to grow on our school grounds, where they will then being using technology to collect data about our schools environment.

Using the BBC Micro:Bit (V2) and the Climate Action Kit Expansions, students will work together to explore sustainable agriculture. Using both digital technology and biological science students will grow a vegetable garden that caters to our school community and increases the biodiversity of plants and pollinators in our developing school.

The event will run over two school days. The day will include a rotation of engaging, hands-on stations set up in our classroom based on agriculture, pollinators and biodiversity data collection using iPads and BBC Micro:Bits. These activities will involve observational skills, creativity and a sense of curiosity about the world. Resources for activities include Climate Action Kits Expansions for the BBC Micro:Bit, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, flower seeds, planting cells, seedling mix, Green house ( or reuse plastic tubs) and water spray bottles. 

When these seedlings have grown, they will be transplanted into garden beds around our school to promote biodiversity and provide food for our growing community. We strive to encourage students to carry out these learnt practices beyond school and hopefully into their own futures. The planned activities will encourage student, parents and community involvement, as well as raise the status of science as a future endeavour. /p>

Location Information

St. Angela of the Cross Primary School, Warragul Victoria.