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Fungi Fanatics

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Exciting life journeys of those who are making a career of science.

Todd F. Elliott is a naturalist, award winning photographer, author, and Biologist. He is currently doing graduate research at the University of New England, where he is researching the ecological implications of vertebrate dispersal of fungi. His past research projects have taken him to six continents to work with a variety of organisms; his collaborations and publications from this research include the naming of more than 100 fungal species and 5 genera. Find Todd on Weebly.

Heidi Prichard is an environmental scientist in disguise as a high school teacher. She is also a musician, photographer and all-round creative, with a keen interest in fungi. Heidi has been lucky enough to work with world-renowned mycologists and scientists on a variety of projects including research on fungi, frogs, mine site rehabilitation in Borneo, threatened species conservation and coral reef rehabilitation in Vanuatu. Currently, she is on a mission to educate the youth of Australia about sustainability, climate change and the environment.

Dr Maree Elliott is a Natural history Illustrator and a Field mycologist. The inspiration for her art practice comes from the extraordinary shapes and colours of fungi and their relationship with other organisms within the environment. Maree curates the fungi collection at the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens Heatherbrae and takes community and university groups each year in May to see the glow in the dark fungus that grows within the gardens  While looking for truffles with a world- renowned truffle expert she uncovered a rare and endangered underground orchid that turned out to be new species.  Dr Elliott has published her fungi illustrations and photographs in international and national journals.