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Free online Q&A: Allergies, Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases and COVID-19: Your questions answered!

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This is a free online Q&A session, perfectly tailored to the general public who simply want accurate answers to their immunology questions.

We know how confusing it can be when there are so many mixed messages out there. So come along to our Fireside Chat; a free Q&A session where you get your questions answered, based on science, and delivered in plain, non-technical language.

Ask an Immunologist

Ask an immunologist your question so YOU can be informed, and then share accurate info with your loved ones.

When you attend our event, you can type your question in the Q&A box in Zoom.

This question will be read out by our Moderator to the Speaker who will answer your question live.

Alternatively, you can email us your question ahead of time to jump the queue.

Our presenter

Clinical Professor Michaela Lucas will be answering all your burning questions, live. 

Michaela is an ASI member, President Elect of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, Clinical Immunologist, Allergist, Pathologist and Head of Drug Allergy Services at the Dept of Clinical Immunology at University of WA.

Some questions we'll be answering:

  • "My kids often have runny noses. How can I tell the difference between a regular cold versus COVID-19?"
  • "Work is asking us to return to the office, but I am unsure.  What are your recommendations for returning to an office environment?"

If you don't have a question right now, it's no problem - register anyway and feel free to just listen in.

Register now

Don't delay - register now to receive the Zoom meeting details - and finally get accurate answers.

Registrations close at 12 noon AEST, 21 August.  All registrants will be emailed the Zoom details at 1pm so look out for an email in your inbox.

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