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Food Science with Moorak

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  • Food Science with Moorak
    Yells Road Moorak Primary School, Moorak SA 5291, Australia

The Year 5-7 students at Moorak Primary School have been busy organising Science Fair Night. The class have been working hard in their groups to create hands on Science activities that the Moorak community can participate in.

This year's theme is food so the groups have combined science and food and have a range of stations that people can be involved in. We are also holding a BBQ on the night for families to purchase. 


How to recycle using foods
People will be given the opportunity to use recycled materials to grow their own food. We have been collecting objects such as plastic bottles and on the night people will be given the chance to turn this into their own herb garden.

Edible slime
The community will be getting involved in making a slime experiment but instead of the usual slime with chemicals they are using food and it will become and edible slime. 

Lava lamp
The community will be able to create their own lava lamps made from a range of food ingredients that they can take home and keep.

Blowing up a balloon
The community will be given the opportunity to have a go at using a range of food ingredients to blow up balloons.

Magic tricks
People will be involved in science experiments and magic tricks that involve food. They will look at chemical reaction.

Making electricity
The community will be given the chance to be involved in a science experiment that experiments a range of different types of food that produces electricity.