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In the recent years, there has been an increasing popularity in minimally processed and naturally processed foods. This has caused a resurgence of the oldest preservation technique known - fermentation.

COVID-19 has added further impetus to this resurgence with people all over the world turning their home kitchens into mini fermentation labs and producing sauerkraut, kimchi, etc. Sold out shelves of flour and especially yeast increased the need for more traditional technique to acquire bread such as sourdough.

We will explain and promote the science behind fermentation while having fun in the kitchen through hands on fermentation and baking art workshops.

Through a public experiment we will explain what is happening to your sourdough starter when you see it under the microscope.

Our guest speakers are world experts in microbial ecology research, will be sharing their knowledge on the latest research. Event participants will also have the chance to see the World’s only Sourdough Library in Belgium through a special virtual tour guided by the Sourdough Librarian. We would like to connect Tasmanians to the fermentation community worldwide.