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Fake Medicine: Exposing the wellness crazes, cons and quacks costing us our health

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Dr Brad McKay, GP and experienced science communicator, investigates the myths, scams and fads of modern health and wellbeing.

We all want to live healthier, happier, and longer lives, but too many of us are charmed by charlatans, misled by marketing, or scammed by sciencey-sounding salespeople.

Dr Brad McKay, Australian GP, and science communicator has seen the rise of misinformation permeate our lives and watched as many of us have turned away from health experts. Too often, we place our trust in online influencers, celebrities, and Dr Google when it comes to making important health decisions.

Fake Medicine explores the potential dangers of wellness warriors, anti-vaxxers, fad diets, dodgy supplements, alternative practitioners and conspiracy theories.

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