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E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ – hackathon

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Join us for a 12-hour hackathon as part of the E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ project. In this event, the second of two for National Science Week, we invite you to contribute to a crowdsourced citizen science project which aims to share information about the essential medicines and ultimately improve access to these medicines. 

School Events

To complement our E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ program, we have some special information sessions throughout the day tailored to Year 9 & 10 high school classes. These sessions will feature discussions about chemistry, drug discovery and the importance of access to medicines. More details here.


Almost all of us have taken medicines at some point in our lives: to take away pain, to make us feel better or to keep us alive. At the Breaking Good Initiative, we look forward to a time when everyone in the world has access to the medicines that they need. As part of National Science Week, we invite you join the E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ project and work together with citizen scientists to explore questions of access to medicines in Australia and beyond.

What are the essential medicines?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines the essential medicines as the medicines which 'satisfy the priority health care needs of the population', meaning that people should have access to these medicines at all times, in adequate amounts and at affordable prices. At the Breaking Good Initiative, we realise that this sadly isn't always the case and we want to work with you to find out more about access to medicines for people all over the world.

Want to join our other event?

Sign up for E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ - panel discussion on Monday 18 August from 6pm - 9pm.

This event is presented by members of the Breaking Good Initiative from the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney and is supported by Inspiring Australia and the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney.