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Double Feature: Science Night

  • - (AEST)
  • Smith's Alternative
    76 Alinga Street, Civic ACT 2601, Australia

Two excellent science shows on one night. Atomically Correct and Wine Science Show! See one or better still see them both:

Atomically Correct

This is the (nuclear) fusion you've been waiting for! A science comedy that explores how, even though we're mostly nothing, we still matter.

Unravel the mysteries from inside the atom in this new show with Rachel Rayner Science Explainer. From neutrinos and neutrons, to protons and positrons - you can't trust any of them, they make up everything! This strange yet charming adventure will be full of ups and downs while breaking open the truth and beauty of the atom.

After the success of the first show A Flying Photon, which toured nationally, the award-winning formula is being bundled up into an exploration of the physics behind our everyday experiences. Delving into language, lies, and quantum-level realities this science comedy show gives us space to contemplate and chuckle at the Universe and the happy accident that is the human race.

Whatever your state, it'll be a quarking good time.

The Wine Science Show

There is certainly more to wine than meets the… mouth.

The Wine Science Show will bring you laughs, mystery, identity theft, psychology, cyber security, neuroscience and the greatest red wine ever produced. This is the story of François Durif. Though it is really about uncovering the true story of an amazing farmer.

Luke Morris is a writer and researcher who has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Come Talk Funny (Iceland) and Beat the Frog (England), as well as publishing books including The Wine Science Show: The Book, and appears on the education podcasts Lukes Talk Wine, and comedy discussion Dissecting a Frog.

The Wine Science Show is a double magnum full of laughs and learns.

"It's the perfect educational comedy." - Fiona Anderson, Weekend Notes

"Informative, funny and really charming..." - Chuck Moore, Reviews About