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Does Science Work Properly

  • - (AEST)
  • Chatswood Library
    The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

At Chatswood Libraray, come and listen to scientists, a philosopher and an artist talk to on broad-ranging and important questions.

From the philosophical point of view, is science enough to explain the world?

Are there risks in believing in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques?

What of the self-correcting mechanisms and safeguards of science?

How should society and the greater culture work together with science?


The panel will be moderated by Steven Durbach, host of the online series Coffee in the Studio which staged encounters between artists and scientists.

Steven Durbach – Artist and Scientist

Steven Durbach started his professional life in South Africa as a scientist studying the biology and evolution of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. Since coming to Australia in 2008 he has worked full time as an artist. His work is underpinned by science and is particularly affected by ideas derived from evolutionary biology and genetic theory.

Tibor Molnar – Philosopher of Science Tibor Molnar is an Honorary Associate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney, and specialises in ‘metaphysics’ (the Art of understanding Science).

Katie Green - Scientist Katie Green is an experienced project leader with a background in precision optics, thin films and surface analysis. Katie has lead teams who have delivered key components to high profile experiments including LIGO and The Avogadro Project.

Russell Bonduriansky - Scientist Russell Bonduriansky is a Ukrainian-born, Canadian-educated evolutionary biologist at UNSW Sydney.