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DIY Lactofermentation Workshop with Dr Erin McKenney

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Join us on this DIY online workshop and ferment your favorite veggies, from your own kitchen.

This National Science Week, Dr Erin McKenney will take us on a journey of the brief history and the science behind lactic acid fermentation, while helping you set up your own ferments.

Please make sure your register and get you FREE tickets at our Eventbrite page using the link below.

About the speaker

Dr Erin McKenney studies how microbial communities form over time and how they adapt to their environments. Over the past decade she has collected fecal samples from over 250 animals housed at 4 different zoos, to investigate the effects of host diet and lineage. More recently, she has expanded her research to sourdough and other fermented foods.

Microbial cultures lie at the heart of human cultures, and fermented foods provide accessible systems for studying microbiology and nutrition without formal laboratory equipment. By combining citizen science and global collaborations, Erin uses research to empower students of all ages.