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Diving into STEM – Inspiring children to explore episode 1

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National Science Week webinar series with Little Scientists

Interactive webinars for parents, librarians, teachers, educators and anyone who wishes to spark children’s excitement in STEM exploration

Young children are filled with questions about the world they live in:

  • “Why do cats have fur?”
  • “Why don’t bees make square honeycomb?”
  • “Why is snow white but the ocean blue?”

Have you ever wondered how to answer their big questions?

STEM education is so much more than factual answers to complex questions and Little Scientists will show you how easy and uncomplicated it can be. In a series of live webinars, Little Scientists will introduce the concepts, methods and skills to early childhood teachers, educators, parents, librarians, youth workers, primary school teachers – indeed, anyone who is interested in developing skills and enthusiasm for STEM inquiry in children (or themselves).

We will show you some simple techniques to cultivate children’s skills and excitement for STEM exploration and our hands-on session will enrich your repertoire of STEM activities. You will have an opportunity to virtually meet and interact with other STEM enthusiasts, share experiences and become part of a community that supports children in becoming competent and confident problem solvers and learners for life.

The webinars are scheduled to run for one hour each and include a Q&A session and a networking opportunity. You will be engaged in hands-on STEM activities during the second session, for which you will receive a materials list in advance.

Series outline

Webinar 1: Overview
Date: Tuesday, 4 August 10:00am – 11:00am AEST

Webinar 2: Hands-on STEM exploration
Date: Thursday, 13 August 10:00am – 11:00am AEST

Webinar 3: Reflection
Date: Wednesday, 26 August 10:00am – 11:00am AEST

NESA accreditation is available for New South Wales registered teachers.