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Design Retro Games

  • - (AEST)
  • Lilydale Library
    Building L5, Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Lakeside Campus, Jarlo Drive, Lilydale VIC 3140, Australia

Learn the basics of game design by using block coding to create a retro arcade game.

Our new Retro MakeCode Arcade Game Consoles by Elecfreak are the perfect way to introduce kids to coding - by letting them make their own retro video game.

Attendees will be tasked with creating a simple game that involves their character moving around the screen to pick up randomly generated objects. They will receive points for how many objects they pick up in a specified timeframe. They will create and customise both the character and objects, choose how they move, and where the objects will appear.

They will design their arcade game on our laptops using the program MakeCode Arcade. Once completed, participants will export and test their game on a Elecfreaks Retro MakeCode Arcade Game Console.

Location Information

Free parking unlimited. Accessible parking available. Public toilets Yes Accessible toilet Yes Baby change Yes Free WiFi Yes Accessible parking is available, there are several entrances into the building with automatic doors, from different sides. Parents and people living with disability are able to access the library via a ramp from the carpark and through the front entrance. The library is split into two levels. The adult section is on the ground floor. The children’s section is up stairs; there is a lift available. Access is only available from 6am-10pm, outside these hours, you will not be able to access the Box Hill Lakeside Campus or the community library.