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Design a Drone Competition

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Design a Drone 2020 is open WORLD WIDE to all school-aged kids (under 18).

Download a pack to find out more and get started.

If you could design a drone to help with a problem in the World today, what would you design? Think of ways a drone might be able to help solve a problem or provide assistance in some way. ​ 

Entries close 30 September 11:59pm AEST.

Things to consider

  • Does the drone fly, crawl, walk, swim, dance, hop, or float?
  • Does the drone deliver something or remove something or work on something?
  • How can the drone take technology we already have and make it better?
  • What aspects of command and control does the drone have?
  • How smart is the drone?
  • Does the drone have sensors or eyes or whiskers?
  • How does it get powered up and stay moving?
  • What elements of mother nature does the drone have? This is called bio-inspired engineering. 

What can I win?

The Winner will receive a World of Drones goodie bag including things like: ​ 

  • Zoom a scientist for you and your school at an agreed time
  • a copy of the final resources that are created
  • drone (model TBC) 
  • a World of Drones Education Frank Green reusable cup
  • and much more.