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Deep Blue

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Join us for these spectacular stage shows as students are taken on a journey through the depths of our oceans as we explore the impacts of modern technology and scientific discoveries on our Oceans. Presenters engage audiences by providing a greater understanding of ocean currents, pressure and density, ocean animals and the impact our waste is having on the marine environment.

Strap yourselves in for this high-energy stage show produced especially in alignment with the 2020 National Science Week school’s theme. Bring this exclusive tour to your school and we will inspire your students, invigorate your teachers and have everyone in your school community celebrating science.

In what is set to be a truly engaging, exciting and educational whole school event, this year’s high energy stage-show explores our ability as humans to innovate and navigate the deep ocean which covers over 70% of planet Earth. By understanding the depths of human exploration and investigating the effect of phenomena such as currents, pressure, lack of visibility and light, students will journey well beyond the surface, providing the perfect platform to inspire a generation of innovators invested in our ocean’s health. Highlights of the show include our Cartesian Diver demonstration, Whale's Toothpaste, Turtle Trash and Bioluminescence demonstrations.

Available Australia-wide, including for regional, rural and remote schools. Call 1300 150 481 to see how we can support your school this National Science Week.