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Deep Blue Defence

In partnership with the Academy of Science, Defence is hosting a series of web shows with STEM professionals across Defence which will be streamed to upper primary and secondary students.  Topics will include:

  • Glowing Blue with Clare Grandison
  • Sensing Blue with Dr Brad Evans
  • Atmospheric Blue with LCDR Helen Imlay-Gillespie

The webinars are aimed at students from Years 6 to Year 12.

Students are invited ask questions of our experts in this interactive event, by pre-submitting them via the online registration form.

Glowing BlueClare Grandison, Environmental Scientist

Bioluminescence as the names suggests is the production and emission of light by living organisms and it has fascinated scientists, artists and philosophers for thousands of years. Clare will talk about her discipline of Environmental Signatures and the extensive research program working to understand bioluminescence, its occurrence, possible implications in terms of threat and detectability and how humans may be able to utilise these features of the Deep Blue Ocean.

Sensing Blue - Brad Evans and Robert Dane

The future is submersible….with Australia building its own submarines now, what is the future for all things Deep Blue? Join Brad and Robert as they talk about how innovative sensors are updating our knowledge of the oceans like never before, and how this technology is utilised on submersible vehicles.

Atmospheric Blue - LCDR Helen Imlay-Gillespie

It’s common knowledge that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, but how much do we know about how the weather and climate affect our oceans too? Helen will talk about her work in meteorology and climatology and why these are vital fields for our interactions with our Deep Blue Oceans.

Register and submit your questions now via the event link.