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Deadly Slime: A choose-your-own-adventure animated experience

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Have you ever heard of a biofilm?

Our bodies have powerful immune systems. But when bacteria cover themselves in a protective coating of slime called a biofilm, they can quickly evolve into dangerous superbugs. Even with antibiotics, our most powerful weapons, it is difficult to destroy these fortified slime castles.

Dive deep into the fascinating and slimy world of biofilms in a choose-your-own-adventure animation experience. Navigate your way through a dramatic story inspired by real-life events. Will you make the right decisions and defeat the infection?

Scientists around the world are working hard to defeat biofilms, and South Australian researchers are at the forefront of this raging battle. As the second component of this activity, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more directly from the experts in an online Q&A session on 26 August with Adelaide-based researcher, Dr Katharina Richter, and surgeon, Dr Markus Trochsler.

Register now and dive into the fascinating world of super-villain superbugs.

About the team

This activity was developed by Animate Your Science in collaboration with Dr Katharina Richter and Dr Markus Trochsler. The generous support of Inspiring SA made this possible.