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Giant Cuttlefish and the Currents: Cutty’s glass bottom boat tour

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  • Stony Point Giant Cuttlefish dive site
    Port Bonython Road, Point Lowly SA 5600, Australia

The annual giant cuttlefish gathering near Whyalla in South Australia, is absolutely spectacular. If you prefer not to freeze, our glass-bottom boat tours let you stay warm and dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles up close.

As we crawl the shallows of the coast to find the best congregations of giant cuttlefish and other sea life, we will locate the major hotspots for cuttlefish breeding around the sub tidal reefs north of Whyalla and discuss how currents cause environmental constraints on their actions, energetics and distribution.

Contrasting the behaviours, movement and preferred boundaries of the diurnal cuttlefish against the continuous activity and energy conserving slope-soaring tactics of squid, will make it easier to understand the energetic trade-offs in buoyancy that allow access to prey in currents.

The tours go for 45 minutes and this allows plenty of time to spend with the giant cuttlefish which are usually quite close and up to 60 cm long. 

There are 6 cruises per day between 9:00am and 2:30pm.

Location Information

Access to boat and access landings: We have two departure points, both of which are in or near Point Lowly, approximately 35 km from Whyalla.