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Creative AI Sydney

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  • School of Art & Design UNSW
    Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

As AI applications continue to proliferate in all areas of life, the creative industries are beginning to envision what an AI powered future might look like for them. Big and small companies are investing in research into new technologies that transform creative production and invent new ways to experience and interact with art, music, design, film, literature, theatre, fashion and every other sphere of cultural production.

This unique event seeks to bring together technologists, artists, arts organisations and researchers based in and around Sydney to take stock of what impact AI and generative technologies may have, to solve technological problems and to design the best world we can for arts communities.

Hosted at UNSW Paddignton campus, this event will combine aspects of traditional academic and industry events, with big visions being laid out, but also ideas and claims being robustly challenged and emerging challenges defined. The event will focus on networking towards innovative collaborations amongst those working in technology, design research, critical discussion and creative practice.

Dates and Location

UNSW School of Art & Design, Paddington Campus, Gadigal Land, and online.

    • Thursday 18 August: afternoon (symposium)
    • Friday 19 August: (symposium and concert)
    • Saturday 20 August: (social and networking event)

Event schedule

A full breakdown of the event schedule and participants will be provided in upcoming weeks. The event will run across three days and include panels, invited talks, demos, workshops as well as networking events.

Location Information

Lecture theatre EGO2, UNSW School of Art & Design, Paddington Campus, Gadigal Land, and online.