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Sound in Space: String Theory

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  • Hive Tasmania
    50 Main Street, Ulverstone TAS 7315, Australia

Live performance of science-inspired music with conversations between scientists, composers and performers. The science topics will include string theory (physics) and relationships between invasive and endemic species in Tasmania's Cataract Gorge (ecology). Using the Hive’s planetarium resource, the music will be accompanied by projected visual images related to each topic. 

It is designed for the general public who are curious about science, music or both. Additionally, the presenting participants – 2 composer-performers, 2 performers, and a scientist – will be learning and extending their science-art-music communication.

A major component of the performance program is a set of pieces, String Theory, composed by Karlin Love to celebrate and muse upon the book Everything Is Now, by Bill Spence, originally from Tasmania, now Professor of Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary University of London. This project raises public awareness of his remarkable achievements.

The other work is Pathway T(w)o - a set of pieces by Karlin originally played for a walking audience in Launceston's Cataract Gorge during MOFO 2022, They draw attention to the small-scale life there such as mosses, lichens, parasitic vines, galls and weeds, and consider how humans can be both weeds and belong in the environment.

Performers: Suzy Turner and Emily Sanzaro - electric violins with effects and loopers, Jon Addison and Karlin Love - a variety of woodwind and percussive instruments, Jason Dicker - retired physics teacher.