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Creating Art with Cyanotype Paper

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  • Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten
    26 Ashton Street, Wyynum QLD 4178, Australia

Our community kindergarten will explore the chemical reaction between cyanotype paper and the sun. Across the week, children from four kindy and pre-kindy classes will make art creations using flowers and leaves from our garden and cyanotype paper.

They will place the natural items on top of the cyanotype paper and leave it in the sun awaiting a chemical reaction. This will result in a silhouette effect. The children will learn about chemical reactions and have a piece of art to take home. The benefits and educational outcomes of this scientific activity include promoting creativity, encouraging scientific curiosity, and fostering a connection to nature.

The activity encourages children to explore the world around them and ask questions about the scientific processes involved.

Our kindergarten will also host a series of chemistry experiments throughout science week employing an inquiry-based learning approach.