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COOL AERONAUTICS: STEM and Aerospace in the Northern Territory

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Have you ever wondered how what you are doing at school applies in the real world? 

Our guest presenters will give you an insight into how they use physics, biology, chemistry, electronics, mathematics and much more in their everyday working life. 

Learn from Industry leaders what you need to study to have a career in this exciting industry.

  • Equatorial Launch Australia and the Arnhem Space Centre. We will be joined by CEO Carley Scott who will talk about the future of launch operations in Australia and how STEM can provide a pathway into aerospace in the Northern Territory.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. Using 3D metal printing technology to develop real world applications, Dr. Rebecca Murray is part of the team that has developed PPE to address the global response to COVID-19 shortages. Learn how innovative thinking combined with a solid understanding of scientific and mathematical principles will help you become part of this exciting industry.
  • MAITEC. Developing, implementing and operating non-contact (remote sensing) systems for environmental monitoring, Dr Stefan Maier has combined his passion for Engineering and Biology to work with satellites and drones to monitor environmental conditions for remote sensing of bushfires. The work that Dr. Maier undertakes illustrates how STEM is applicable in many different fields.

This webinar will include a Q&A our guest presenters and is ideal for schools, students and anyone with an interest in aerospace.

The Webinar will be delivered via Zoom. A link will be sent prior to the event. Note - this event will start at 10.30am CST on 18 August.