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COOL AERONAUTICS: A Day in the LIfe of the Royal Flying Doctor Service

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Join the Cool Aeronautics Team from the RAeS Branch in Perth as they tour the facility to learn about the operational aspects of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

  • How does the operations centre run and what happens when an emergency call comes in?
  • What do the doctor and nurse do before, during and after an emergency flight?
  • How do they keep their aircraft flying, what type of aircraft to they use, what to the engineers do?
  • What medical equipment is carried on the aircraft?

This webinar will include a Q&A session with volunteers from the RFDS and will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Royal Flying Doctor Service and see how STEM subjects apply in the workplace.

Schools, students, parents and anyone with an interest in all aspects of aerospace is encouraged to register.

Note - the event will start at 10.30am WST on 17 August.