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Community Investigation and Poster Competition: Statistics and Data Science

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Collaborate, investigate, create. Why should kids have all the fun?

Develop, implement and creatively report upon (in poster format) an investigation on any area or topic of interest ... for prizes.

Expanding the hugely successful annual National Schools Poster Competition, this new Community Division of the initiative enables teams of two to five participants (of any ages or relationship) to conduct a small-scale version of a real-world investigation, engaging core STEM and cross-functional skills.

Create an informative e-poster presentation communicating your investigation clearly, concisely and creatively, utilising quantitative comparisons, displays and analysis. Submit online (either e-poster or file containing photo of poster) for prizes.

Teams may comprise of families, friends, relatives, associates, etc from within the same household or across multiple households.

We aim to inspire interest from adults who may wish to collaborate with their family and children on a project, or who may enjoy such pursuits but lack the conduit to explore and have their ideas heard.

Perhaps you are retired, on parental leave, in any workplace and/or otherwise generally interested in testing your skills as part of addressing a question of interest to you, long-held or otherwise.

So team up, take a lead – any topic, any idea… ask your questions, and have fun finding and reporting the answers for all to see.

Submissions are due by 10 November 2020 ($400 grand prize and $100 runner up gift cards). Submissions received before 15 August will also go into the draw for a special National Science Week $100 prize.

Example investigations and topics, guidelines and additional support are available online.