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Citizen Science: Wombats, Turtles and More… with WSU

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Learn how ordinary citizens can help our scientists discover more about our terrific turtles and wonderful wombats in this video featuring talks with Dr Ricky Spencer & Dr Julie Old from Western Sydney University - presented by City of Parramatta Libraries.

Send in your questions by 20 August to be part of the interviews. Email by Monday 10 August 2020 for your questions to be part of the interview discussions.

The online event will feature an introduction to Citizen Science and where you can find out more; and, presentations by and interviews with Dr Spencer & Dr Old.

The speakers:

Associate Professor Julie Old is an animal scientist/zoologist at the Western Sydney University in Richmond, NSW. Julie is passionate about wildlife conservation, having completed a PhD and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in marsupial biology. She has extensive experience in comparative and developmental immunology, native mammal biology, wildlife management, conservation and citizen science. In 2006 Julie joined WSU as an academic in Animal Science.

Associate Professor Ricky Spencer is currently a Zoology academic at the Western Sydney University, Richmond. Prior to joining the team at WSU, Ricky was a Senior Research Scientist within the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. In this role he helped to develop new vertebrate pest control methodologies. Ricky has continued to explore pest management through his role at WSU. Through a linkage project with the Australian Research Council Ricky, Ricky has devoted the past 20 years studying turtles, as well as evaluating optimal fox management strategies for managing nest predation on turtles and water birds. In 2014 Ricky launched TurtleSAT to help determine the factors affecting turtle populations.