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Careers in Nuclear – for who? You!

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Think a career in nuclear couldn’t be for you? Chances are, jobs in nuclear and the people who do them looks nothing like you imagine.

This panel is the chance to meet and ask questions of four people who have made careers in the nuclear industry:

  • Julie Murray (Senior Radiation Security Advisor and Major Projects Manager at ARPANSA);
  • Tim Rownes (Operation Planning Engineer at Fennovoima, Finland):
  • Katrina Van de Ven (Government and International Affairs Advisor at ANSTO); and
  • Sheruna Naidoo (Principal Scientist at Liverpool Hospital).

They will share what drew them to nuclear and the path they took to get into the field. Hear the sometimes unexpected directions their careers have taken them, what they actually do at work all day, and gain plenty of first-hand advice for pursuing your own nuclear career. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get an insight into this diverse and dynamic field.

Open to all ages and backgrounds - everyone is welcome.

This webinar is hosted by Women in Nuclear (WiN) Australia Inc. You can register here and if you have any questions, please email.

This webinar is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.