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Caring for the Rare

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Victoria’s Zoos, Museums and Botanic Gardens are more than interesting places for people to visit - they are also engines of cutting-edge research and field work.

Join us for a special online event, streamed live from Victoria’s Parliament House during National Science Week, to hear from the botanists, zoologists and collection managers leading this important work.

Find out about the ways they are planning to help our plants and animals adapt and persist through multiple challenges in our immediate future. 

Our State's remarkable botanical and zoological collections are carefully managed by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Zoos Victoria, while Museums Victoria maintains significant collections related to the natural history of our region and the wider world.

Our panel of leading experts will discuss initiatives such as the Care for the Rare program and the Victorian Conservation Seedbank, the BioBank of tissue and DNA samples cryogenically stored by Museums Victoria, and the captive breeding programs for species on the brink of extinction, diligently nurtured back to population health by biologists and ecologists at Zoos Victoria.