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Can Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain Help Preserve First Nations Knowledges?

  • - (AEST)

Join us in celebrating National Science Week as we present this unique opportunity to gain further understanding of First Nations knowledge and how sciences such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can preserve this.

This live webinar will provide valuable insights from a proud Gunai Kurnai man of the Palawa nation who has a passion for education and technology.

Justin Stankovic has experience working with open-source home automation, artificial intelligence models, and blockchain technologies. He actively engages with the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, recognising the transformative potential these systems hold for empowering communities and safeguarding Indigenous knowledge systems in the 21st century and beyond. Justin will share his wealth of knowledge on this topic, specifically in how science as a human endeavour can help to preserve First Nations knowledges.

During the webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of what artificial intelligence and blockChain are, and how they can benefit the continuation of First Nations knowledges being passed down and preserved.

This will provide an opportunity for you to explore the ways of being and doing of First Nations Australians when it comes to storytelling and narratives, as well as its protection in the future with the help of emerging science intelligences.