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Call of the Blobfish – a Pod Play by Kids Story Room

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Kids Story Room is a podcast where we create original and fun stories for the young and young at heart.

Call of the Blobfish is an audio drama (presented as a Pod Play) for 4-10 year olds, that tells a wondrous, scientific and at times magical underwater adventure story.

This podcast aims to ignite the curious scientist in children by engaging them in a story of oceans and marine life and of their importance to human existence.

There will be an additional podcast discussion with a South Australian marine scientist at the close of the Pod Play.

Call of the Blobfish explores themes related to the future of our marine life and how we can manage it sustainably, marine ecosystems and ocean zones, awareness of our surroundings, overcoming challenges and finding solutions to problems.

Deep down in the magical world beneath the waves, the wise and ancient Blobfish needs help. Blobfish engages a jumbly bunch of sea creatures who all must overcome their fears and contribute to their united quest for the Blobfish and save their ocean home. 

Audiences, including parents and teachers, engaging with Call of the Blobfish will also have downloadable access to a support pack of resource material to engage listeners further with the themes of the play.

This event is supported by an SA Community National Science Week Grant.