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Butterfly Botany: The science of butterfly food

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  • Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
    8 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia

Through Butterfly Botany: The Science of Butterfly Food, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary at Kuranda aims to grow participant's love and interest of science and in particular botany.

Scientific talks will be held by our resident butterfly experts and will focus on caterpillar food, where it is found, why it is important to the lifecycle of butterflies. Talks will feature samples of various caterpillar food plants, butterfly eggs that have been laid on them and information on how to feed caterpillars. These talks will be held twice each day on 13-14 and 20-21 August.

The guided tours will  expand on these talks by taking participants through the Lab and Butterfly Sanctuary pointing out various types of caterpillar plants and the butterflies that will lay eggs on them.

The interactive presentations will be focused on a younger audience. Stations will be set up with a variety of fun activities including examining butterflies under microscope, doing art with plants, and the ability to take a seedling to be planted at home.

The Facebook live presentation will incorporate both the scientific talk and guided tour. It will allow for question and answer from the audience across Australia.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is passionate about connecting people with the science behind Butterflies. Through the Science of Butterfly Food activities, we hope to raise awareness of and interest in science in Far North Queensland.