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Brains vs. Computers online workshop

  • - (AEST)

Join us with artist Jess Herrington for a workshop like no other. In this we’ll compare the human brain with artificial intelligence. We’ll do some art activities to explore how each of us perceives visuals, then end with a creative challenge designing an artwork inspired by brains and computers.

To prepare

Grab some drawing materials – pencils, paper, crayons, whatever you have, and download DALL-E – an AI system that can create realistic images.

If you don’t want to sign up for a DALL-E account you can still join in using your normal (real!) drawing materials.

Jess Herrington is an artist and neuroscience PhD candidate. She specialises in visual perception – the science of how we see the world around us. In her creative work Jess creates surreal worlds exploring how we can represent ourselves in the internet age; and through play and interaction, experiments with how we see ourselves and others.