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Boom or Bust? A dive into the unique sponge fauna of Wallis and Smiths Lakes

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  • Pacific Palms Recreation Club
    3957 The Lakes Way, Elizabeth Beach NSW 2428, Australia

Wallis and Smiths Lakes are a beautiful and ecologically important part of the MidCoast Area.

Given the popularity of these areas it is easy to assume we would know all about the wildlife that calls them home, however this is not the case and the more we explore the more we find out.

As part of National Science Week Andy Davis, Professor of Marine Biology from the University of Wollongong will provide some insights into research of the unique sponges that call Wallis and Smiths Lake home. Many of these sponges are likely to be undescribed and new to science. 

Andy will outline findings of a twenty-year study (2002 to 2022) and will show that some sponge populations in these MidCoast lakes are perhaps best characterised as boom or bust. 

Long-term data sets like these are extremely rare and are valuable in understanding these sponges and how they respond to environmental change over time.

Join us for a look under the surface to find out more about  these special sponges and the importance of conserving their home.

A light dinner will be provided on the evening.