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Body / Insect / Machine

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With our friends at Chunky Move we present a video artwork is a movement experiment between Prue Lang’s choreography, artist Mathieu Briand’s androids and a Phasmid (stick insect).

The work explores the body/androids/artificial movement/intelligence on the one side and the body/human instinct/natural movement/nature on the other. Through the creative process, Lang and Briand have observed, responded to and manipulated the complex relationships between these concepts, approaching the distinctions between physical presence vs. artificial presence with curiosity.

When: Streaming online for a limited time, until 23 August

Where: Free to view online now 

ACTIVATORS 2: Prue Lang & Mathieu Briand is presented by Chunky Move in association with Science Gallery Melbourne. The ACTIVATORS program is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.

With thanks to Professor Mark Elgar, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behaviour at University of Melbourne.