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Bits and Bots- Exploring Robotics

  • - (AWST)
  • Nyabing Primary School
    Hobley Street, Nyabing WA 6341, Australia

The students at Nyabing Primary school will spend the afternoon with their parents/ grandparents exploring all things robotics.

They will begin with a kids teaching parents/grandparents activity where they will rotate around and participate in Dash and Dot activities, Beebots, OSMO and Scratch Junior. Students will take on the role of the teacher and guide their guest through the fundamentals of robots and coding.

This will be followed by a schoolwide challenge where students and their guest will build a Junkbot, a robot made from recycled materials, a motor and battery pack. They will follow the STEM process planning, creating and evaluating their design.

The day will conclude with the robots being raced, challenged and awarded different titles such as the fastest robot, best design and most futuristic robot.