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Beauty from the Ashes

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Here in Tasmania, we live on a flammable island, and many of our vegetation communities are primed to burn. Indigenous Tasmanians have been burning the landscape skilfully for over 40 000 years, and fire, while always a disturbance, is not necessarily a disaster. Yet some of our vegetation communities are more sensitive to fires than others, and in recent years, many sensitive Tasmanian landscapes have burned.

In this context, this online event, hosted by Science in the Pub Tasmania, explores the art and science of how we respond to fire-affected Tasmanian landscapes. The event will begin with a short film, showcasing ecological restoration work in areas of high conservation value that have been affected by recent fire events - including the Tasmanian Land Conservancy's Five Rivers Site. The film will also showcase Tasmanian artists' responses to recent landscape fires.

The film viewing will be followed by a panel discussion where Tasmanian scientists, conservation leaders, artists and members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community will discuss the ways that art, science, and indigenous perspectives, help us understand and respond to fire.