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Beam Camp – Farm of the Future: Where will you Grow?

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  • The STEM Innovation Lab
    100 King William Street, Kent Town SA 5067, Australia

You will be sent into the future to help solve world food shortages. Your mission is to work as a team or independently to select the ideal location to set up your farm and decide what will be the best thing to grow/farm. Will you farm insects in the tropics, herd cattle in Antarctica, boldly seed crops in the desert or brave unknown depths in the pursuit of agriculture? Wherever you choose, you will have many challenges to overcome and problems to solve.

You will have a team of farmers with you, some basic resources to get you started and a very generous budget. Before we can jump through the portal into the future, we first have some planning and research to do.

Use VR to investigate and overcome farming challenges. Design your own interactive farm of the future in CoSpaces and then explore it in immersive virtual reality.