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Atlas of Living Australia: Maximising your metadata for citizen science

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The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is proud to be hosting three free virtual events for National Science Week.

All sessions will be recorded and made available after National Science Week (updated on ALA Blogs and across ALA’s Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn channels).

Citizen science is an accessible gateway for anybody to engage in science regardless of age, location or demographic. Integrated citizen science apps take in millions of species occurrence records each year, which are then verified before being fed through to the ALA to become open and accessible data.

In this workshop, learn from industry experts about what makes a great species observation record, and learn tips and tricks for collecting the best quality metadata  – data about data. Higher quality metadata (attributes like location, images, date of collection, etc.) helps to paint a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity. More accurate metadata also helps to identify native vs. invasive species more readily for better biosecurity monitoring.

Registration is required to join in the workshop.

Submit your questions ahead of time via email.