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Around YOUR World in Eight Days | A STEAMpunk Exploration

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Imagine a mini version of Jules Verne's "Around the world in eighty days". You have eight days to explore the world around you. Don’t worry about time or space.

Verne’s novels are often called the earliest versions of STEAMpunk literature. They imagine different pasts and futures than the ones we have experienced. They contain a spirit of discovery and adventure, with an individualistic “can-do” attitude, and a belief that anyone can do anything with enough trust, science and nerve.

The Why

We invite you to come with us on an adventure to learn more about how human intelligence and technology intersect and interact. What is the right balance? Is there a right balance? Where do arts, creativity and other 21st Century skills fit in.

The What

Put your own dream team together & come along for a ride. Your team can be any size, but we believe 5 - 7 is ideal. Invite your friends, your family, your youth club, your sports club, your classmates, or your gaming friends. Use your imagination, change things around, add seemingly unrelated information and props. Does that make for a better world?

The Who

We believe this will be most fun for people aged 10-16, but there is nothing stopping younger (or older) participants. You may involve adults such as teachers, parents, youth workers as advisors.

The premise of this exploration is that the young people are given free rein to ideate and explore together, come up with inventions and to present their journey in any way that they see fit… drawings, story telling, audio, interviews, video, images, an essay, song and dance… their preferred method of expression as a team.

The When (AWST)

  • Sat 29 Aug 8am: Event kick-off

  • Daily 8am: Today's prompt & Q&A

  • Sun 6 Sep 10am: Submit your presentation

  • Sun 6 Sep 6pm: Winners announced

The How

There are no wrong or right answers. This is exploratory and we look forward to seeing how you map out this journey and present it.